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Returns and Refunds
Return, Damage and Cancellation

Standard Return Policy Our top priority is our customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return your order on most brands within 10 business days of receiving your item(s). If you return an item that shipped “Free Shipping” the original outbound shipping costs will be deducted from your refund and the return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. In addition, a restocking fee* will be applicable to items being returned. Returns are only accepted in their original packaging and must be unassembled.

Non-returnable items:

  • Assembled and/or Modified items or out of original packaging
  • Mattresses
  • Custom made or special order items (Example: fabric changes)
  • Opened bedding materials
  • Items without original packaging

    In the rare case that your item(s) unfortunately arrive damaged or defective, replacements are usually offered at no charge. Simply note any damage upon delivery and contact us immediately. If you choose not to accept replacements for the damaged or defective products then the item(s) can be returned for a credit as outlined above in our Standard Return Policy.

    All cancellation requests are forwarded directly to the manufacturer. Cancellation requests are not accepted on items that have shipped or been prepared for shipping. A refusal of the item at delivery will be considered a Return and credit will be issued back to your original payment method minus restocking fees* and round-trip shipping charges. Please note that all items are shipped directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse and if we do not have tracking at the time you request cancellation, this does not mean your order has not shipped.

    In the instance that your item(s) is unable to be delivered and therefore requires that it be held in storage for such following reasons (but are not limited to):

    -Wrong address/Contact information/Wrong phone number provided to Access Furniture -Away from residence/unable to accept delivery

    You will have 5 business days to respond to the carrier or contact us to reschedule delivery (some fees may apply). After this timeframe has elapsed and no delivery has been scheduled the order will be returned and refunded under our Standard Return Policy.

    *Restocking fees vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Please contact us prior to placing your order to verify what fee would be associated with returning your order.

    Receiving your Order

    Tracking information will be emailed to you once your order ships. The tracking information on the carrier’s website the estimated delivery date.

    Small Parcel Shipments (i.e., FedEx Small parcel, UPS Small parcel, etc.)

    For all small parcel shipments you will be able to track your package online on the shipping carrier’s website. This information will allow you to see an “estimated delivery date.” Certain shipments are sent “Signature Required” so you will have to be home to sign for and accept the shipment, the delivery person will not leave it at your doorstep.

    LTL/White Glove Shipments

    If your order was shipped via LTL or White Glove Carrier you must be sure to inspect both the packaging and product upon delivery. If the packaging or product is damaged in any way please make sure to notate the damage on the delivery documents.

    What If My Order Arrives Damaged or Defective?

    If you notice upon delivery of your order that the packaging looks damaged, do not refuse the delivery. The packaging may look damaged in most cases but the item itself is in perfect condition. Any damage or defective issues can be dealt with by either calling us at 1-877-787-0590 or emailing us at claims@accessfurniture.com. Of course we want your order to arrive in perfect condition, but in the off chance that your order does arrive damaged we will make every effort to assist you in obtaining the necessary replacements as quickly as possible at no extra cost to you. Please remember to notate any damage upon delivery and contact us immediately. *When dealing with a damage/defect issue; photos of both the packaging and item showing the damage are required to assist us in dealing with the manufacturer directly.

    For both LTL and White Glove deliveries, notating damage is crucial. Closely inspect each item notating all or any damage. Please note that writing “Subject to Inspection” on the delivery document DOES NOT notate any damage, you must write that the item(s) are damaged, i.e., “Package Damaged”. It is the customer’s responsibility to note any discrepancies to their order upon receipt. It is this damage notation that will allow us to provide the necessary free replacements to you. If you fail to notate any damage on the delivery document prior to signing for the shipment it will be considered to be delivered in good condition and we will be unable to issue free replacements as outlined above.

    If your item arrives defective, photos will be required so that we can assist you in forwarding the defective issue to the manufacturer and ensuring replacements are sent out as quickly as possible. In some cases you will be asked to identify the damaged parts by referencing the part number and description in the assembly instructions. All replacement requests are submitted directly to the manufacturer and depending on the severity of the damage they will determine if parts can correct the issue or if a new unit will need to be shipped out.

    Should you choose not to pursue replacements the damaged or defective products can be returned for credit as outlined in our Standard Return Policy.

    Returning an Item or an Order

    Please contact us within 10 days of the receipt of your order by either calling us at 1-877-787-0590 or emailing us at claims@accessfurniture.com to request a return. A RMA Number (Return Merchandise Authorization) will be provided from the manufacturer and a return address and full return instructions will be provided to you which will allow you to pick a suitable shipping carrier and return the item(s) back to the manufacturer. This process typically takes approximately 5-7 business days. Items returned without an RMA number will generally be refused by the return warehouse and a credit will not be processed. Additionally, all Returns shipped to the Corporate Address will be refused and a credit will not be processed.

    All items must be returned in their original packaging, and unassembled. If an item is modified or assembled the manufacturer will deem the item “used” and therefore a return is not allowed. When you provide us with the return tracking number we will track your return and confirm its arrival back to the manufacturer. A refund will be credited to you once the manufacturer has received, inspected and confirmed the item(s) is/are not damaged.

    If you choose not to receive replacements and we have determined that all of the items damaged were carrier related and the damage was notated upon receipt you can request a full refund. Please note this procedure will take a little longer as we will need to retrieve the delivery documents to confirm it was correctly notated.

    You can anticipate receiving your refund within four weeks of shipping the product back to the manufacturer. In most instances your refund will be issued sooner. Please note that this timeframe includes shipping time (5-14 business days), product inspection (3-5 business days), and the refund being processed back to your original payment method (3-5 business days).

    How to Request Replacements

    1. Submit your replacement request within 10 days of receiving your order by either calling us at 1-877-787-0590 or emailing us at claims@accessfurniture.com. 2. The damaged pieces must be detailed out to us to ensure the proper replacement pieces are ordered. 3. Once the request has been submitted, you can expect to receive an email from our Customer Service Team within 5-7 business days.

    If you decide not to pursue replacements, your order can still be returned as outlined in our Standard Return Policy.

    For orders shipped White Glove or LTL:

    It is very important that the actual customer who placed the order be present or an individual designated by the ordering customer (in advance) in order to inspect the item(s) delivered and sign the delivery document. We are aware that some deliveries may be rushed but please ensure to take the appropriate time to thoroughly inspect the item(s) and packaging prior to signing the delivery document. Again, if you notice any damage you must notate it on the delivery document. Please note that writing “Subject to Inspection” on the delivery document DOES NOT notate any damage, you must write that the item(s) are damaged, i.e., “Package Damaged”. It is the customer’s responsibility to notate all and any problems with the order at time of delivery. If the issues with the delivery are not properly notated on the delivery document, Access Furniture will not be able to dispute this with the carrier or manufacturer on your behalf and offer a satisfactory solution.

    Follow the below steps to ensure that your order is properly signed for,

    1. Inspect the product while the driver is on site and notate any problems, damage or exceptions with the order on the delivery documents provided. Even if the package appears only slightly damaged, write "Package Damaged" when you sign for delivery. This is extremely important. 2. Inspect all items and any pieces before assembling the product and report any problems to Access Furniture immediately. 3. We understand that some deliveries may be rushed but please ensure to take the appropriate amount of time to thoroughly inspect the item(s) and packaging PRIOR to signing the delivery document.

    Canceling an Item or an Order

    We strive to process orders quickly and therefore there is a limited period of time in which your order can be cancelled. Access Furniture is only able to accept cancellation requests via email or phone. Please either call us at 1-877-787-0590 or email us at sales@accessfurniture.com to submit a cancellation request. Most requests are reviewed and responded to within 2-3 business days.

    Please Note:

    1. Your cancellation request will be sent to the manufacturer directly to confirm the order can be cancelled and that it has not been prepared for shipping. 2. You will receive an email from us confirming if your cancellation request has been approved or declined.

    All cancellations are confirmed in writing: If you have not received an email confirmation, your order has not been cancelled. Access Furniture is unable to cancel an order once it has shipped or if it has been prepared for shipping by the manufacturer.

    If we are unable to cancel your order as requested, you will receive a notification in writing explaining that your order was too late to cancel. If this should happen and you do not wish to receive your product, you may return it under our Standard Return Policy. Please review this policy before refusing the item(s) upon delivery.

    If your order has successfully been cancelled, Access Furniture will initiate a refund. The processing time frame for the refund to appear to your original method of payment is 7-10 business days from the date of the confirmation email. This time frame allows most financial institutions sufficient processing time.

    Canceling Backordered Items/Discontinued Products

    If you are canceling an order due to backorder or discontinuation, please contact our customer service department to confirm the back order date before making your final decision. A backorder or discontinuation of a product does not mean that your particular item/order is affected.